maanhaar, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, maan mane + haar hair.
In full maanhaar jackal, or (less frequently) maanhaar jakkals /jakəls/ [Afrikaans jakkals jackal]: the aardwolf, Proteles cristatus.
[1892 Nicolls & Eglington Sportsman in S. Afr. 93The ‘Mona (maned) jackal,’ by which name it is most commonly known, may be found all over South Africa.]
1896 R. Wallace Farming Indust. of Cape Col. 338The Maanhaar (maned) animal intermediate in appearance between the hyena and the common jackal, has recently been the subject of discussion, as to whether it attacked sheep or not.
1900 W.L. Sclater Mammals of S. Afr. I. 80Aard Wolf Proteles cristatus...Vernacular Names...Aard Wolf or Maanhaar (i.e., Mane-hair) Jackal of the Colonists.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 20Aardwolf,..called more frequently the Maanhaar.
1918 S.H. Skaife Animal Life in S. Afr. 267The aard-wolf, or maanhaar jackal, is found in many parts of South Africa, both in the open plains and in the bushy veld. It is nocturnal, lying up during the day in some hole in the ground or amid thick bush.
1970 R. Maytham Informant, EmpangeniA maanhaar entered the yard and stole a fowl.
1970 Daily Dispatch 6 June 9He said many of the poachers killed for the sake of killing, especially animals like the maanhaar jackal.
1974 Rand Daily Mail 31 July 4The animal, commonly known as a maanhaar jakkals sought safety in the backyard of a home in Linton Road, Morningside Manor, after being chased by dogs.
the aardwolf, Proteles cristatus.
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