bastard gemsbok, noun phrase

South African DutchShow more (Partial) translation of South African Dutch baster hybrid, cross + gemsbok see gemsbok.
The roan antelope, Hippotragus equinus. Cf. gemsbok sense 1.
1835 A. Smith Diary (1940) II. 155The bastard gemsbok again seen here in little herds.
1839 W.C. Harris Wild Sports 223Another rare species — the roan antelope, or bastard gemsbok..being utterly destitute of speed, may be ridden to a stand-still without difficulty.
1887 S.W. Silver & Co.’s Handbk to S. Afr. 171The roan also becoming very scarce...It is also called the bastard gemsbok.
[1900 W.L. Sclater Mammals of S. Afr. I. 217The Roan Antelope, Bastard Gemsbok or Bastard Eland of the Dutch Colonists.]
The roan antelope, Hippotragus equinus.
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